5.24.11 Where is Your Generosity Today?

It doesn’t take much to get out of yourself. Or does it?

You need to meet that deadline for your client. But can you supersede her expectations?

You need to get dinner ready for your wife and two darlings. But can you surprise them with a yummy twist in the sauce or dressing, the sort of twist you know they’ll love?

You need to prepare your lesson for your students. But can you step back and ask yourself, “What do they really need today? And how can I let them astonish themselves and one another with their brilliance tucked beneath that faux-cynicism?”

You need to make your creative freelancer’s circle so you can get your fill of collegial ideas. But can you not only absorb but really listen to what the others in the circle need?

You need to finish that sculpture. But can you add one more element that will unravel someone’s reality in a delightful way when they encounter it?

You need to take a walk. But can you respond to the little half acre that’s crying out back and plant a tree instead?

Not generosity of the Mother Teresa level. Generosity of your level. Of the level of this one true moment in relationship to the world. Generosity sometimes is as simple and effortless as sunlight after ten days of gray and drizzle.

Here are some ideas:
1. Un-crowd the day. Schedule less. Be open to unplanned moments.
2. Ask yourself, “What small gesture could I make that would relieve someone’s suffering, however large or small?”
3. Ask yourself, “What small thing could I do that would delightfully surprise someone?”
4. Ask yourself, “What does someone need? How can I help with just an inch beyond the ordinary?”

Post your day’s three highlights – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy


2 responses to “5.24.11 Where is Your Generosity Today?

  1. 3 highlights…

    1) A simple hug from my wife
    2) A simple gesture of letting me merge into traffic
    3) A simple “thank you” from a friend

    All from McKinney, TX…

  2. Sharlette Davis

    Oh, Jon…simple are the very best things in life.
    Leaving a book on a dear friend’s desk and praying she will read it.
    A precious friend calling last night to see if I might be in my closet (as her nana always is) when the tornado sirens went off.
    Sleeping peacefully through the storm in the secure knowledge that I am not in control!