5.26.11 Quiet Light

Behind the chatter and hubbub there is a light that does not push itself to be seen or announce its arrival or make huge promises for the next big launch of sunshine.

It’s a light that gives you a peak into who you are.  It shifts the way your cubicle looks so you can see what matters and casts a new hue onto what’s real and what’s not.

It comes through halfway opened curtains and the space between thoughts. It comes right after you hang up from a fully engaged conversation and appears in the eyes of the man you really saw today as yourself. Not the one in the mirror. The one in the light.

It’s dusk around here, but that light has been shining somewhere all day long.

What were your day’s three highlights? Share them below – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy

P.S. Feel free to share the delight with someone on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere else.  Cheers.


2 responses to “5.26.11 Quiet Light

  1. 3 higlights…

    1) In the morning, met with a business friend as the conversation transitioned from business life to real life
    2) In the middle of the day, thoughts of a three day weekend bounce in my head as I moved from meeting to meeting
    3) At the end of the day, enjoyed a new perspective from an alma mater event on college athletics; although a business, still comes down to people, relationships, and learning….

    All from McKinney, TX…

  2. 1. a brilliant lightning storm during the latter half of the throat-chakra-themed yoga class I led.
    2. coconut curry and conversation with a new amigo.
    3. feeling loved and loving without the accident-like trauma of “falling” in love.
    ~Michelle, Guatemala