5.28.11 Start a Neighborhood Revolution: Hold Neighbor Open Houses

What would happen if you had a Neighbor Open House? Not an official business opening. Not a real estate event. But a neighborhood event.

Some of us bemoan not feeling connected, person-to-person. Some of us pine for neighborhoods of the past. The NOH is an experiment. Try it.

Here’s how you have a Neighbor Open House (NOH):
1. You post a sign: Neighbor Open House: If you’re a neighbor, drop in today.
2. You offer food and beverage and a seat.
3. You have a real conversation with a real neighbor.
4. When no one shows up the first Saturday, try again the next Saturday or the next month.
5. Keep holding them until neighbors catch on.

We know that people who communicate with and hang out with each other are more likely to act on behalf of each other.

Why not start a neighborhood revolution and get your neighbors talking to each other again?

What were your day’s three highlights? Any neighborly interactions? Share them below – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy


2 responses to “5.28.11 Start a Neighborhood Revolution: Hold Neighbor Open Houses

  1. This is a wonderful Idea for sparking new neighborhood connections. Looking forward to making this happen in my wonderful neighborhood in Camarillo California!

  2. Matt:
    Thanks for your good words. Let us know the results in Camarillo!

    We’ll start a revolution, one open house at a time.