5.31.11 When Bullfrogs Croak

08 Jan 2004 --- The giant African bullfrog of South Africa can weigh over 11 kilograms and reach a body length over 250 mm. --- Image by © Martin Harvey/CORBIS

When bullfrogs croak, the lights go down, and the music elsewhere stops.

So, stop the music elsewhere. Sit down. Dim the lights. Listen to what’s welling up in your chest and throat. And croak.

What were your day’s 3 highlights? Share them below – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy


One response to “5.31.11 When Bullfrogs Croak

  1. 1. Spying three blue robin eggs in a nest outside my wife’s home apothecary.
    2. Reading about my friend’s meditation break-throughs.
    3. Playing Wood Gnome with my daughter this evening.
    from Accord, New York