6.1.11 Whose Band Are You a Member of Today?

The lure of being a rock star might not be so much being center stage and strutting your stuff and receiving applause and making big bucks.

Part of the lure might be the band membership itself. To be part of a creative team. To have a collective creative aim of producing something for fans who will appreciate and respect what you do. To be able to bounce off an idea or a riff or a melody and have your band mate run with it. To be part of something creative larger than yourself.

In the past 24 hours, there were at least two dozen ideas – one for each hour – tossed your way by the day. Which ones did you hear? Which ones did you run with? Which ones are you ready to convert into a song and play for an even larger audience? For a packed stadium? Or for a friend? Or for us here?

The day itself is a pretty spectacular if not at times self-effacing band member.

What were day’s three highlights – the ‘best’ moments/ideas/images/conversation tossed your way today? Share them below – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy


2 responses to “6.1.11 Whose Band Are You a Member of Today?

  1. 3 highlights…

    1) Remembering my earlier life in Washington, DC and the times, opportunities, and friends
    2) Realizing nothing really stands still, all keeps moving in terms of new buildings and roads; strip away the infrastructure and technology and we are just people trying to do our best
    3) Feeling a sense of home when landing at National; we may not have homes but stages and places we move through

    All from National Harbor, MD…

  2. 1. Feeling in the flow while ‘collaborating’ on a client’s book proposal.
    2. Talking about social media & film-making and then beehives at the BEAHIVE co-working space today during lunch.
    3. Dancing with my toddler daughter and wife – and my daughter spontaneously pounding a drum which prompted my wife to grab a tambourine and me, a guitar (I’ve found my band).

    from Kingston, New York and Accord, New York