6.9.11 Get Out of Your Way

La Conversation (1938) by Matisse

Sometimes I have my own agenda. Okay, a lot of the time.

Because of that tendency, I’ve also been training myself (for a few years) to get out of my own way. Especially when working with other people.

A client has issues with a book she’s writing. I need to listen and ask more questions than provide sage-like answers.

A client has a new plan for her business model. I need to do the same.

A team member has problems with another team member. I need to do the same.

A team member has problems with me. I need to do the same.

My wife has problems with me. I definitely had better do the same.


Ask questions.

Genuinely seek to understand.

Open up your agenda to questions and conversation.

This advice I give to myself – part of my Get Out of Your Way Self-TrainingĀ  – regularly. With any luck, it sticks when it counts.

The wonder of it all is that in most cases something greater – an idea, a project, the moment – than whatever distresses one person binds us.

What were your day’s three highlights? Share them below – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The 3 Highlights Guy



2 responses to “6.9.11 Get Out of Your Way

  1. 3 Highlights: Filming my son on his 12th birthday and when I asked him what he wanted to be he said he wanted to help poor communities get through natural disasters; engaging with an incredible woman who is taking my training program and has just returned from spending a year riding a motorcycle across Africa talking with (and writing about) midwives, doulas and pregnant mothers; working in my garden on a hot humid day and sweating profusely!:)

  2. Final soccer game of the season and my older son came along and fired up the younger’s team with his loud enthusiasm & know how.

    Listening to salsa music while preparing dinner; my husband and I couldn’t help but dance along the way.

    Enjoying the visual and literal feast of a bowl of just picked mango, with store bought fresh raspberries & strawberries. Mmmmm love the flavors of summer.

    kailua, HI