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8.09.11 The Beauty of Pauses & Punctuation

Four weeks passed. And no post here. How does that happen? I could tell you how in early July I suddenly hopped on a plane and flew cross-country to see just how “things” were slipping for my father, how that four-day trip filled up with visits to doctors and health food stores and Target (to buy him a bicycle) and to other family. How five days after I returned from that trip, I flew out to Taos to lead a group of supreme writers through a wonder/yoga/writing course and offer a reading at UNM Taos Summer Writer’s Conference. How ten days after I returned from that trip, I led a group of remarkable people through the immersion portion of a Yoga As Muse training – which ended this morning. How in between there, I showed up for clients and my wife and daughter.

But you know this story. It goes like this: You get busy. And something you love slips away. And once you let it slide, you’re tempted to let it go completely even though you love it. It’s one less thing to tend to, you say.

But that thing I love in this story is this very site and the dedication it holds: To honor each day as a god and to reflect back to that day what is worth remembering, capturing in electronic words, and broadcasting to the blogosphere.

In one way, it’s just when we’re busiest that we likely most need to make space for paying attention, remembering, writing – for Three Highlights. Because here’s the thing: Every single day of the past four weeks in my story has been rife with memorable highlights. Essays and poems full of highlights. I did take notes. They just didn’t reach this spot.

Do I regret that hiatus? Only if I’ve disappointed any of you loyal readers.

But here’s another thing: This month-long pause helped me appreciate the beauty of this simple game all the more.

We need rituals. They punctuate the day with meaningful pauses. And for me, Three Highlights is such a ritual. It’s the space between sentences in my evening paragraphs (And I for one would argue that space is the most compelling punctuation mark :)).

And now that the busy season has closed, I plan to honor the beauty of pauses more intentionally this coming season.

What about you? Have you taken any pauses these days from regular activities, pauses that in turn helped you love that activity all the more?

Whether yea or nay, I’d love to know your three highlights from today. Post them below – and as always let us know where you’re writing from.

(And, by the way, drop in at Jen Louden’s Savor & Serve Cafe where she posted some of my reflections on living the day with wonder, savoring, and serving.)

See you in the woods,