8.12.11 Pockets of Time

This afternoon I crawled into a pocket of time with a friend. We hung out in the shady non-descript patio of a Starbucks and talked about our creative activities, our families, our dreams. Before we knew it, two hours had passed.

A real pocket of time is a patch of a day you make for meaningful engagement. You engage yourself, loved ones, friends, a book, a film.  Like living in a pocket, you feel safe, snug, and a little secretive from the rest of the world’s bustle. In a real pocket of time, clock time gets twisted and turned. In a real pocket of time, a day grows just an inch more meaningful.

Like a boy who comes home for dinner with pockets full of pine cones, frogs, stones, feather, and bottle caps, at day’s end you can empty your pockets of time with memory shards.

What about you? Did you have any pockets of time today? Unpack them here and otherwise share your day’s three highlights. And do let us know where you are writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


4 responses to “8.12.11 Pockets of Time

  1. 1. I woke up last night and whispered, in case my wife was awake, that she snuggle over and then realized that it was not my wife. I felt her head and it was smaller (fortunately it was a head that was not awake). It was the grand-daughter that was spending the night with us and through some arrangement had managed to talk her way into sleeping in our bed. I suppose the actual highlight was the shape and size of her head. It was dark and I couldn’t see her. But, life always being a little precarious, it was good to know that little head and the rest of its person was really there.
    2. This morning, we took her to “Dogs and Fleas,” a great musical group for kids, and watched her seriously consider what they were all about and then decide to join the others hopping up and down in front. The highlight was the moment when you could see her body take over her mind and just get out of the seat and move.
    3. It occurs to me that one of my highlights on many days is reading Jeff’s invitation to do this.

  2. Oh I actually had a couple of pockets today…

    1) 8am. Breakfast over, I sat down with my two year old son and had an hour long picnic in the living room. Monkey, mouse, rabbit and bear came too. We had tea, watermelon and pasta. With pesto. We would have had apples but monkey ate them all.

    2) 4.15pm. My husband took the boy out to the park. I listened to Radio 4 (Weekend Woman’s Hour) and cooked a paella and a blackberry crumble. Nothing else happened. I was just in the kitchen. Nourishing.

    3) 5.35pm. We were eating dinner altogether. The radio had been switched to a pop station. As soon as the cheesiest Ibiza house track came on the boy put down his fork and started to dance in his chair. So we joined in, all of us wiggling with our hands in the air. (As it happens this turned out to be the boy’s highlight of the day when we went over the day before bed.)

    so hello from London!

    • Joanne:

      Thank you for sharing these charming pockets of time. We have a two-year-old girl, so I can imagine the animal menagerie that come to meal time. It’s lovely to imagine a pockets of time in London.

      From Accord, NY,
      The Three Highlights Guy

  3. Mine:
    1. The first moment of wake Friday morning, near 5 am, the sounds of cicada and bird song mixing with dream voices. My wife’s arm wrapped around my rested body and wrapped around, in a sense, my rested mind.
    2. The pocket of time with my friend and hearing how his sweet life and creative mind continue to unfold.
    3. The pockets of time with two clients, one awakened during a silent retreat to create; the other, awakened during a retreat she led to continue to create. (Both on the Pacific NW, coincidentally)
    – all from Accord, NY (Hudson Valley)