8.16.11 The Delightful Urge to Share

More evolutionary biologists agree these days that compassion helps us mammals survive (Note: This stance is a radical reversal of 300 years of prejudice among philosophers & scientists who argued that compassion is an emotion of the weak.). They’ve sought and found proof in the brain, proof in the vagus nerve, and elsewhere.

Me – I look around and listen. Specifically I’ve sought signs of the urge to share.

I look at my two-year-old whose ‘terrible two’s thus far have been filled mostly with laughter and pats on my back and offers of her banana and toys.

I listen to my client eager to share with me a riveting book she’s read and film she’s seen.

Or the massive Twitter feeds full not so much of self-promotion or banal chatter as much as a constant stream of sharing ideas, articles, news, and more.  A free agora of sharing. Or free interviews and e-books.

Or potlucks and recipe trades.

Friends trading stories of bad and good, surprising and ugly things that happened to them today or forty years ago.

Of the sun dispensing its warmth. The clouds spreading their rain. The kingfisher alerting us it’s evening and who’s near the pond.

Most days I cannot help myself. I will be poor before I’m stingy.

“Always give the bigger piece of pie to your house guest,” my mother often said.

It’s as good an adage to live by today as I any other I can think of at the moment. Drop on by. I’ll give you the bigger piece. I promise.

What about you? Any delightful urge to share today? Anything the day shared with you you want to remember? I’d love to hear your day’s three highlights below – and share where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


5 responses to “8.16.11 The Delightful Urge to Share

  1. Every party in Hawaii is a potluck. It’s an amazing wonder of sharing and no one EVER leaves hungry. and yet, the homeless are growing here daily. Such a sad conundrum.

    kailua, HI

  2. Interesting dichotomy, Glee. That schism seems to be growing and widening across the US.

  3. My highlights:
    1. Just listening to the rain steadily sweep the pond and roof and grass clear of debris and residual heat. Awesome sharing from the sky.
    2. Finishing a review of a client’s next round of a manuscript & grinning to myself about this writer’s growth & remarkable story. Amazing sharing of a story.
    3. Stopping in at Karma Road with wife and daughter for a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie & having no guilt even as a yogi friend I ran into raised her eyebrows (in envy, I think!). I should’ve shared with her, but I shared another smoothie w/my daughter.
    – from Accord, NY (Hudson Valley)

  4. 1. Hearing from my book coach: It’s good & keep going! just when I was ready to give up. Again.
    2. This amazing young man who welcomed me when I come home from work – taller, smarter & probably funnier than I am who then surprised me with a gift certificate for a pedicure for my bday. Oh, 14 you are a wonder!
    3. Meeting with my Zen teacher who nods, witnesses & lets me bloom into understanding. And the sangha that surrounds us.
    Austin, TX – Don’t even talk about rain…When we want some rain, we watch a movie.

  5. Robin – I love your take on the 14-yr-old. Now THAT’s an amazing 14-yr-old.

    Rainy wishes.