Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

9.8.11 Staying Connected Creatively

A client told me a story today about Goodie. And it’s a story about all of us.

Goodie lived in a small town in upstate New York. Although he’d seen hard times in his younger years, by his forties he had cleaned up his act, gotten a grip on his life, and worked with good cheer at a local restaurant. People in town seemed to love this local fixture who rode his bicycle to work each day along the beatific country roads.

Last night police found his body on my client’s street. He had been riding his bicycle, possibly going home. No one is sure yet whether it was a hit-and-run or other foul play.

I often think of the Goodies in the world, the men and women who struggle, best they can, to lift up out of harsh circumstances, bad choices, trapped habits. Few of them ultimately can do so all alone. They, we, need community, however tangible or virtual, small or big, local or global. We need to stay connected.

Call your sister.
Walk over to your neighbor’s house.
Invite a friend for dinner.
Smile at the orange-vested woman who holds up the “Slow Down” sign all day.
Rub a tree’s bark back.
Thank the sky for sun and water.
Write a note to your loved one.
Over-tip the cheerful guy at the restaurant who’s trying to keep it together.

Our time is short.

What about you? How did you stay connected today? What were your day’s three highlights? Share them below and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy