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9.9.11 The Music & Color of Disappointment

Mount Disappointment map (in Australia)

You anticipate that hiking in the Himalayas will be life-changing. You prepare and wait and tell your chums how great it all will be, how you know that somewhere in those mountains and in that challenge to the top you’ll find yourself or THE ANSWER, and return all calm and shanti and certain of who you are in the world. But the vista, the air, the otherworldly beauty simply stuns you mute, and your life goes on.

You invest great hope into how a meal will satisfy if not seduce your lover, but the lasagna burns, the greens wilt, and the sauce tastes sour, and your lover is not as forgiving as you thought.

Our emotions of hope and anticipation and desire show up. Often. They make an appointment with us, us with them. And, then, what happens? The temperature of chance and fate shifts. The winds blow through. And those emotions diss you, or you, them. It’s a dis-appointment.

Cymbals clash. A trombone droops. And a gray pea green soup paints the room, inside and out.

Some teachers in some traditions say to abate desire. To act without expectations. But I suspect that music and color to be a bit drab in comparison. Good, yes, to visit those muted hues upon occasion and remind ourselves of our grand attachments.

But, O Desire! How melodically you carry us through the days and nights. May we never mute that music, that raga, in the name of not-feeling. May we play the morning and noontime and dusk and midnight with full force and upon occasion let the emotions sweep us away and bring us back, however fulfilled or disappointed.

Play the day, baby. Play the day.

What about you? Any disappointments that shaped your day’s music or hues? Any other musical moments? Regardless, share your day’s three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy