9.14.11 Who are the Lighthouses in Your Day?

Along the Hudson and in places like Maine, historic lighthouses remain. Some are used now as museums, some as residences or bed-and-breakfasts or even gatherings for writers’ readings. And a few still function as, well, lighthouses.

I have a few lighthouses in my life. My wife, the most steady. My mother, the one who goes the farthest back and who may be the wisest. My daughter, the brightest. A friend, sometimes. Even the willows out back who line the pond.

These sources steer me clear.

Pardon the cliches. Sometimes, our cultural tropes just fit.

Today, I had some phone calls -with clients and with trainees – that reminded me of being a lighthouse. I, for them, in some sense. I wasn’t knowingly playing that role, but in retrospect, that’s what it was. They needed a few solid, grounded words that offered hope, direction, and clarity. What an honor to be that.

It’s getting late. I can hear my wife singing lullabies upstairs. I can hear her light.

What about you? Any encounters with lighthouses today? Share your day’s three highlights – and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy



8 responses to “9.14.11 Who are the Lighthouses in Your Day?

  1. Austin, Texas:

    Lighthouse: Scott Kiloby and this post.

    And this post.

    ‎1) talking with Scott, 2) the apple I ate, 3) doodling a picture of my forthcoming course and having the disco ball come out pretty darned good! 🙂

  2. I had the opportunity to be a lighthouse for my 19yr old daughter today when she learned that overdraft on her very first checking account comes with a fee, one which added up to more than 10hrs pay for her.

    She doesn’t often break down in tears anymore, so while I hurt for her I also savored getting to feel needed in a familiar way during a tough lesson. Who knows when, or if it will ever happen again.

    Antoinette-Frenchtown NJ

  3. 1. Swinging on the porch swing with my wee girl, who covered me in a blanket and “read” me a story.
    2. Surprise phone call from a friend shaking me out of my work torpor.
    3. The farmers’ market, trolling for late-summer fruit, corn, and a spicy tamale for dinner.

  4. Tammy in Texas

    MY mom, as always, especially through these times I am going through. My friends, who are always there for me, again, in this situation. I feel so blessed to have the support around me that I do when dealing with a “dark house.” Someone whose light burned out long ago. But there is more light in my life that dark!

  5. 1. Stepping out on the back deck this early morning and just feeling utter gratitude that I am in fact and mind more easeful and spacious these days.
    2. Recounting our respective days in detail with my lighthouse-wife.
    3. Coming home from the BEAhive and being greeted with glee and jumping feet and twirls and a plea to read one of my favorite boyhood books, Dr. Seuss’s “Are You My Mother?”
    – from Accord, NY (Hudson Valley)

  6. My Lighthouse Friends Today:
    1. Lee, my colleague, mentor teacher and friend who is 63, swims nearly daily, has lived a decade in Nepal and another in Zimbabwe, and whose classroom is two doors down from mine. He’s a grounding, lighthearted presence in my day-to-day life, especially at work.
    2. Melissa, my Dharma friend-slash-fellow teacher-slash-single gringa navigating the cultural and romantic challenges in Guate.
    3. TJ, a true friend in Nebraska. Albeit an ex, he is a cherished amigo.
    ~Michelle, Guatemala City

  7. Realizing yesterday the extent to which I am becoming a lighthouse for my aging parents, in light of illnesses and changes they are facing. Grateful for the strong and trusting relationship we share, so that this transition (and reversal in roles) is graceful, relatively easy, and full of sweetness.
    – Peggy in Oregon