9.16.11 How Does Your Indoor Space Shape Your Day?

As much I love sunshine and shadows and woods and leafy paths, I admit I spend hours each day on the inside looking out. And I gather I’m not alone out there (or in here, whatever the appropriate virtual metaphor).

So, I’m trying to tend to my indoor space, the place where I think and imagine and connect and execute (ideas, that is). Namely, my study and conference studio.

A friend has hung on a studio wall my Wonder Cabinet. It’s an old window cabinet my wife gave me. It holds my favorite first edition books, a set of animal teeth, a sketch by artist Nancy Azara she sent to me following our house fire a few years ago. I plan to change out the objects every so often according to what captures my wonder and might inspire that of my clients.

I’m also ready for serious de-clutter. After a lot of resistance – including a whole philosophical disposition unfolded mostly in my head about why de-cluttering is not necessarily conducive to originality, creativity, or contentment – I’ve decided nonetheless to sweep out some unnecessary stuff. (For more on the value of de-cluttering, check out my friends Michael Belfiore’s and Wendy Kagan’s monthly project of de-cluttering.)

Environment affects the way we experience the day. So, to honor the days, we can honor the space where we spend the most hours.

Maybe the bedroom will be next on my list not for de-cluttering as much as re-shaping.

What about you? How does your indoor space shape your day? Regardless, share your day’s three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


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