9.19.11 What Are Your Evening Songs?

Evening Song by Rebecca Myers http://www.rebeccamyers.com/Paintings.html

For the past 24 hours, my wife and I have celebrated our anniversary. We dropped off the two-year-old at Grammy’s and Grampy’s, stayed in some dear friends’ b & b in our “hometown”-away-from-home of Woodstock, and spent countless hours hiking, walking, picnicking, jogging, and talking, talking, talking.

One thing we talked about was evenings. Namely, how we spend them. And sometimes in a spendthrift way. After our work days and after we send the Boo to dream land, we have two, maybe three hours, and we don’t always spend those precious pre-sleep hours as intentionally as we’d like. So, along one of our hikes, we brainstormed all the ways within a 14-evening cycle we’d like to spend our evenings together and apart.

We rolled out a series of “themes” for evenings. Cinema Evening. Fireside Conversation Evening. Game Evening. Friend Evening. Finances Evening (not my favorite but necessary). Wild Card Evening. Friday Evening Socials & Bonfires. Date Evenings. Over dinner at the Bear Cafe, I pulled out my pocket Moleskine, made a simple two-week chart, and we dropped in some of the themes into slots. (We’re kind of project-dorky this way together.)

I call them our Evening Songs. That tag came up this morning as we jogged around Cooper’s Lake. And for now, for the next three months, we’re going to try to engage our evenings – flexibly, of course – with this intentional play list. We’ll see if it works.

How about you? Do you have certain activities set aside for specific evenings of the week, any evening songs, so to speak? Is there an evening of the week you look forward to because of that regular activity? Regardless, share your Monday’s three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


6 responses to “9.19.11 What Are Your Evening Songs?

  1. Happy Anniversary… and at least you are project-dorky TOGETHER. 🙂

  2. …and we are attempting a two-hour ‘technology free’ time in the evening, generally intending to use the time doing something together. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, or sometimes we do separate things (which I think is fine too). Last night we canned a few pints of tomatoes and did dishes and talked. it was lovely.

    Peggy (in Oregon)

  3. Highlights:
    -plate sized night blooming cereus flowers in the garden’s moonlight
    -hearing the 21 yr old son tell the 14yr old son, “you guys are pretty good; that was fun.” upon returning home from skateboarding together.

    Our family eats a home cooked meal together every single night; we on rare occasions eat out or separately. Fri & Sat night we rent a movie that we all watch together and then it’s kids to bed so mom & dad can have some alone “grown up time” together. the big one dormed at college the past 2 years but is commuting this year. he usually stays out past our bedtime, so we still get our alone time.
    A monthly evening ritual is that we always walk on the beach to watch the moonrise.

  4. Mine:
    1. Running with my wife this morning around Cooper’s Lake, tucked among the Catskill Mtns. The exhilarating air. Scenery. Blood flow. Partnership.
    2. Picking up our little girl after her first “overnight” and her saying she missed us both.
    3. Observing how I’m not freaking out or reacting even though I’ve lost my wallet somewhere during our 24-hour holiday.
    – from Accord, NY (Hudson Valley)

  5. Evening at home are rare in our life right now, but typically Friday night is movie night. We look forward to it all week.

    1. lovely YAM sequence on the yoga mat to start my day
    2. having to wear a sweater to the bus stop because the crisp fall air in leading in the day…
    3.on the ride home from work, having my husband ask me what good things happened today. and then adding his good things (aka 3 highlights)

    Belmont, Ma

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