9.21.11 Ode to the Day’s Dark Lover

We burn bulbs to keep the dark at bay, but beyond walls night pours across the globe – at least on one half of it at a time.

Night is day’s tragic lover, always chasing it but never able to catch and caress it.

Pablo Neruda, that lover of almost everything, writes this to night:

You thrash around the sky
a flag,
you pour yourself into
sierras and seas
and the smallest cavities, too:
the exhausted peasant’s hardened
and the black coral
of people’s mouths
opened wide in sleep….
you work with your eyes closed
so that others may open
and the water may sing,
so that our lives
might be born again.

In the night’s lair, in the night’s hands, our creative minds dissolve. Borders melt. We broach death and yet return renewed and ready to sprint yet again until the next nightfall.

So here’s an invitation: Heed your night’s highlights from last night or this night or tomorrow night. Include them, too. The day might be honored by our acknowledgment of her dark lover.

Share your day’s (and/or night’s) three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


3 responses to “9.21.11 Ode to the Day’s Dark Lover

  1. 1)Having just gotten over a ‘touch of’ pneumonia and its one resultant sleepless night this past saturday, the highlight of last night was sleeping through without so much as a single cough.

    2) Waking to find my two oldies kitties in their favorite spots,one above my head and the other behind my knees. Their peacefulness is reason enough to linger under the covers a bit longer.

    3)Returning to my yoga mat after a sick-break, practicing by candlelight before the dawn’s light took hold. Been about a summer since the last time I got to watch the light dance from the breeze of my bodys motion.

    Antoinette – Frenchtown NJ

  2. Tammy in Texas

    Day started out on a very shaky note, but got progressivlely better as I “soldierded on.” Rekindled an old relationship with much love. Gathered more donated items than expected for a cancer fund raiser this weekend, so much generosity. Ended the evening on a very promising note of a new career for my future…….all good

  3. 1. Watching my little girl interact with her two friends, Alma and Greta, at her new school.
    2. Staying focused for eight hours on meaningful work & meeting Chad Homes at BEAhive who launched a cool Pilot X Kickstarter project.
    3. Watching Inside Job with my wife for our Cinema Night and then getting riled up again at our messed up government.
    4. Bonus Night Highlight: hearing a Bard Owl rattle the night sky
    – from Accord, NY (Hudson Valley)