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9.22.11 Yes the Down & Feel Fall

I am a fan of four seasons or eight the way I’m a fan of multiple moods not two.

This time of year around here something in the shifting mix of oxygen alters a trunk’s blood, so to speak.  It has given the summer its best. Has housed the cat birds and squirrels and raccoons and opossum. Has lapped up carbon and given back oxygen. And now it trembles. Leaves strip their green clothes and reveal their yellow, orange, and red skins.

Then one by one they let go. cummings writes this:





These days I hunger to be like the trees, to tremble and release, to let extremes fall down and dissolve. “I want the losing it all,” as Jane Hirshfield writes. To be that l and 1. To listen to the leaves.

The leaves laugh and sing on their way down. What do they sing?

Hunker down, hunker down.
Let the wind blow.
Stop climbing for now
and find the language of ground.
Down, down, yes, the down.

Enjoy the equinox.

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See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy