10.3.11 Early Harvest Moods

Image: Sanguine

I want to sing tonight not of harvest moons but of harvest moods, of the ways just this morning the leaves’ lips spelled the sweetness of mortality beneath a little girl’s boots, of early light fall that sends a work horse to the barn before he wears out, of the promise in wood burning stoves hinted at in stacks shaped neat like browned books on their sides, of sentences that fall without discretion across the page’s lawn without apology.

Reap it, reap it, reap it all in. So much this year to harvest. So much this year to remember. So much this year to let go.

How about you? Did you harvest any moods or memories today? Regardless, share your Monday’s three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy



One response to “10.3.11 Early Harvest Moods

  1. Tammy in Texas

    Ah yes, so much this year to harvest and so very much to let go …seems to take some practice. Realizing it is all in the way you see situations. I want to practice moving more slowly, more gently, and welcome the coming season with new found hope and joy. Fall is my favorite time of year!