10.6.11 Running in Place

I’ve started running. Bought the running shoes from Zappos. Got the running shorts. That sort of thing. I’m not the runner type, though. If I played sports as a boy, I did so to play not to exert. Swimming, yoga, these things I can engage my body in. They’re pleasurable. But running? Why bother? Where’s the joy?

But this body has changed. It’s creaky. The energy slogs more on some days, especially as the temp drops. So, just as thirteen years ago when my body whispered “Find a yoga class,” I’ve listened to it now as it’s said in no uncertain terms, “Run!”

Yesterday morning, before my yoga-writing flow, I sported the shorts, the running sweater, the shoes, stretched, and bounced off. Two minutes in, I didn’t think I’d make it past the next house an 1/8 of a mile up the road. But I did. Then, I thought, “Okay – just to that next house past the meadow.” A few barriers fell away, the crisp air coursed through this body, and the feet felt lighter. I reached it and thought, “Okay – maybe, maybe to the House Of Jill” (with Rose and Petal, if you’ve been keeping up). By this time, as my body moved with a steady beat my mind played out ideas for my writing projects. And, sure enough, I made it to Jill’s. Probably an embarrassing mile, all told – but an utter victory for this guy.

But this morning the cold deterred me. So, I still geared up, went into my study, and ran. In place. Luckily, my wife was still asleep else she would’ve laughed at what a hamster in shorts I might have looked like. And, sure, my mind didn’t trip into some “zone,” per se.

But no matter. The world wasn’t passing me by. The world was right here in this moment, in these lungs, the sun inching up over the trees, the birds flying around the feeders outside, and the girls upstairs still snoring. And for a simple ten, twelve, fifteen minutes I felt ridiculously alive as I ran in place, in this place where I am at home.

What about you? Any “running in place” moments? What were your day’s three highlights? Share them below and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


2 responses to “10.6.11 Running in Place

  1. Great story with a wonderful point!

    My 3 highlights…

    1) Still amazed on how difficult it is to put “things” out there when I should just do it because it is mine…
    2) Also amazed on how a change in seasons can change one’s outlook…
    3) Final amazement is that people still don’t get that death is the great equalizer in life… the Steve Jobs commencement rings so true… need to live your life now.

    Thank you….

  2. 1 Jeff, you gazelle! You running is my first highlight. I still remember how my body protested when I first started running back when I was in my 40s. Suzanne and I often look at ourselves now in the picture showing off our T-shirts after running a 10-K (that was 20 years ago). Now we walk, but I sometimes have dreams where I am running over hill and dale and there is nothing to stop me.
    2 Your daughter climbing up the stairs to her nap, yelling to the big Mickey Mouse with whom she naps, “We’re coming, Mickey! We’re coming!”
    3 Mario Vargas LLosa’s essays in which he describes his fascinating life and how he was destined to write stories.