10.11.11 When Machinating Blurs The Day’s Contours

Spend eight hours in front of a computer, on the telephone, texting, and figuring out technical problems, and your mind becomes a blur.

Do this five days a week for several years, and your eyesight constricts, your skin hardens, your nose dulls – and a keen memory rich with emotional palettes becomes a thing of the past.

Machinating is what we do when we let the mind spin with little more intention, flexibility, or creative openness other than to “get things done.”  It’s not the same as thinking. Or musing. Or imagining. Or creating. Or experiencing.

A day of machinating blurs the day’s contours into a mush of gray. By day’s end, your memory has captured little because not much has awakened keen, nuanced emotions and senses – the velcro of memory.

At dinner my wife said, “You seemed to have had a good day.” She said that because I stayed locked to my desk almost the whole day in online software training, in refining documents, in researching technology platforms, and more. I barely saw the sky. She meant I was productive and focused, which I was, but I’m less certain about the day’s quality.

Still, there are highlights, and having such a day reminds me to shift the shape of the next day.

What about you? Did you evade machinating? Share your day’s three highlights and let us know where you’re writing from.

See you in the woods,
The Three Highlights Guy


4 responses to “10.11.11 When Machinating Blurs The Day’s Contours

  1. Luckily we have posts like this cross our machines to offer detours from the path to blurry brainmush.

  2. 1. Having my job reality verified by a top consultant and teacher whom I get to work with.
    2. Receiving a sweet email and transportive photo from a friend traveling in Mexico.
    3. Taking our sweet dog for a walk. Is it possible after 3.5 years he’s getting even sweeter? I feel like we’re falling in love. Maybe he thinks I’m the one responsible for the rain and cooler temps. 🙂
    Austin, TX

  3. Aussie Carolyn

    Sitting out in glorious autumnn sunshine to eat my lunch.
    Listening to the baby magpies insistently telling their mothers they want more food.
    Not having to wear my coat all day!

  4. This is a great idea machination, isr that your word? It perfectlyescribes my day its more what did I miss today being tied up and fuming like Lucy…
    I could have paid loving attention to my cat.T
    Tmw I do better……….c. Racine WI