Do you ever feel like the day passes you by too quickly? That you spent it too cheaply?

I have naive theories. That the more we pay attention now, the deeper our memory is later. That what we pay attention to forms our reality. That wonder scurries everywhere, and we have the tools to glimpse it. That together we can affect how one another experiences each day.

When I was a tow-headed boy in summer camp, I’d send myself to sleep by recreating the full day from reveille to lights out. In my twenties, I made up a simple game for myself. At each day’s end, I’d ask myself this question: What were your day’s 3 highlights? I’d try to recall the simplest sensory moments. Later, I started playing it with my wife.

Now I want to play it with the world and glimpse people’s highlights from all four corners. I call the game “3 Highlights.”

A Year of the Globe’s Delights, my modest dream: By the end of 2011, I dream to have highlights from every state in the United States and from every nation on the globe. And if someone sends in their highlights from a sub-orbital rocket flight, well, that would be cool, too. In this way, we can provide a record of 2011’s delights, globally. Please help me spread the wonder.

“To affect the quality of the day,” that present-moment monger Thoreau writes, “is the highest of the arts.” Maybe together we can create daily masterpieces. Or, heck, at least just finger paint together before we go to sleep each night.

3 Highlights is an ancillary gift of my TrackingWonder.com project. Enjoy.


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