how to play

1. Each day, under the appropriate date’s posting, record your three highlights, however big or small, personal or common, sensory or mental.
2. Limit yourself to three. The more you play, the tougher that rule becomes to follow.
3. If you wish, include the city, state/province, and nation you’re posting from. We’ll get a flavor of the globe’s day that way and possibly meet my dream by year’s end.
4. Feel free to respond to others’ posts.
5. Anything not related to a day’s highlights will be deleted as spam. Do feel free, though, to include a tag line or description for yourself even if it pertains to the good work you do (e.g., Jeffrey Davis, wonder tracker).


7 responses to “how to play

  1. 1. A warm home on a cold winter’s day
    2. Laughing with my 16 year-old son over a silly movie
    3. The opportunity to read students’ essay exam (no sarcasm, I promise!)

  2. A very cool and positive way to head into 2011.

  3. Are we starting now…is this an appropriate date and place to start? If it is, my first highlight was waking up this morning with my sinus cavities relatively clear perhaps because (well, the humidifier, the medicated steam I put on the stove yesterday….?) and my second highlight was getting the Christmas tree out to the curb, possibly the source of my sinusitus. Sometimes things related to your sinus cavities can be wonderful highlights! My third highlight hasn’t happened yet and is going to be tonight’s Masterpiece Theater on PBS. After all, it is Sunday, you know.

  4. Thanks, James. I hope you’ll play!

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  6. Sharlette Davis

    1. At this Autumn time of my life, highlights arrive slowly. Sunday singing my heart out in Church, “We See The King of Glory Coming.”
    2. Picking up my laundry at Tammy’s (since she does it all for me, now.) Seeing Steve & Ike. Hearing about her lunch Saturday with my grandchildren.
    3. Undressing the Christmas tree (it gets fatter for the box each year) Now it’s on the patio for Tammy to store in her garage. Love the bright sunshine & crisp cold air. Curled up with a book & my blankie and knowing all is well!

  7. Terri Hofstetter

    1 – Driving to work in the snow, after the roads cleared.
    2. Hearing Elton John’s “Daniel” on the radio.
    3. Coming home to my husband’s project on the study: room fully painted, and a fresh roll of carpet ready to lay down (got to help for the unrolling part)

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