the three highlights guy

I track wonder and gather moments. I seek out dream lairs at noon and huts at dusk where people gather for tea or beer to gab about the day’s peaks and valleys.

I’m convinced each day is a collective poem begging to be shaped and written by each of us.

To add to my toddler daughter’s college fund and to keep me honest, I also write and work with writers, artists, designers, and organizations to bring more wonder to their work and play & to put the body in creative thinking. I’ve developed three successful businesses, each devoted to changing the way creativity happens – in the studio, the workplace, the classroom, the backyard. But this site is not about them. It’s about us sharing each day’s wonders.  Wonder – it’s the beginning of all wisdom, the first of all passions, the heart of creative innovation.

I live with my daughter Dahlia, my wife, the inimitable Hillary Thing, and our elegant cat Miklos (named after Radnoti) in an 1850 farmhouse in upstate New York’s mid-Hudson Valley wedged between the Catskill Mountains and Shawangunk Ridge. On a good day, I’m out in the woods, tending to a micro-orchard, or learning the value of a hammock.


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